Schools Tennis Programme


School-Tennis-ChesterSchools have the opportunity to book coaching sessions on individual days such as part of a health or fitness week, or as a block of coaching to suit half or full terms either at school or the local club. All equipment is provided, including rackets and balls nets and accessories.

A whole class can be coached in one session or be split in two, although we would insist that there was a teacher present to maintain safe ratios (an additional teacher or assistant would be preferable for larger classes).

We are committed to helping schools deliver tennis and can provide support in the form of teacher training on how to develop generic skills and coordination, improve movement and balance and working with large groups in smaller areas and tennis specific technique.

Resources such as lesson plans and award schemes can also be provided We also offer coaching support and competitions for schools to enter, as well as leadership opportunities for secondary school pupils.


All coaches that lead schools sessions hold full LTA Licences and CRB Certificates


School Club Links


Our aim is to introduce children to tennis in the school environment and provide opportunities for youngsters to move on join our local Tennis Clubs that are safe, child-friendly and provide the right coaching and competition structure.


We are currently operating at the following schools:

  • Kings School
  • Queens School
  • Tarvin Primary
  • Ashton Hayes Primary
  • Bickerton Primary
  • Clutton Primary